About us

Aroniada-Agro Ltd is a company established in 1995-orientated in the sphere of wholesale trading.
From 2002 the firm is developing additionall activity – growing lasting plantations of Аronia fruits and producing a natural juice from Aronia. We use only strong, healthy and fresh fruits to produce our juice, which is cold pressed and pasteurized without any additional ingredients. At this moment this activity appears to be priority for the company “Aroniada-Agro” Ltd. The company have plantations of Aronia with registration for biological production. The company holds 200da own land, which is in an ecologically clean area, with a purpose to create new plantations, which will be grown by biological way.
Tendency is that the producing of Аronia juice and juices with other fresh fruits to grow repeatedly. At this moment our Aronia juice doesn’t have analog on the Bulgarian and International market, where we already are successfully establishing.


Our aim is to offer our customers a pure food with maximum preserved in the final product properties of the fresh fruits Aronia.
We believe in the words of Hippocrates, “Let our food be our medicine and our medicine – our food.”
The juice is a very pleasant food for the senses, but we continue our research of the most pleasant and useful ways to consume Aronia fruits.

How everything starts?


Mr. Plamen Kalinov

My first contact with the Aronia (chokeberry) was more than 18 years ago, after reading an article in the magazine “Garden” for the healing properties of Aronia called there “beautiful healer” and “natural pharmacy”. I was so impressed by this gift of the nature, so I decided to create my own plantation. I wanted to do something different and real, which, in addition brings me income also joy and satisfaction, and to live in a clean environment and to produce healthy products.