Vitamin vinegar for vitamin salads! The difference between Organic Aronia vinegar with ``Mother`` from vinegars of other fruits is in the extremely rich vitamin composition. Bioflavonoids have the strongest strengthening effect on the body and enhance the impact of other vitamins.

оцет арония

Organic vinegar from Aronia (Black Chokeberry) is produced by double natural fermentation of 100% cold pressed juice from organically grown Aronia fruits.

It has a natural concentration of essential bioflavonoids (anthocyanins, flavones, catechins) along with other natural vitamins (C, B1, B2, etc.) and biologically active substances.  They are the reason of the strong antioxidant and strengthening effect. The uniquely high extract and low acidity help optimize their absorption by the body. It has laxative effect due to natural sweetener of the Aronia fruits – Sorbitol.

Used for flavoring salads and dishes or as a drink – 1-teaspoonful diluted with water and sweetened with honey or fruit juice