Aroniada will participate in Uzana field Fest – 18 to 20 July 2014. Welcome to the Eco market, tent 19.
With music, art and nature adventures 18-20 July Uzana Fest 2014 will cause change by getting involved visitors to the new concept, which links personal development with the need for social change. For the fourth consecutive year, people who shared green lifestyle and respect nature, will gather at the festival that occurs nowhere else but in the very geographical center of Bulgaria – terrain Uzana, Gabrovo. Admission is free and the program – complete with a colorful mix of activities – up one indicating “possible other life.”
You are waited by Eco market with the most delicious pure food, practical Eco Academy, Art studios and Zen center, where they will unleash their imagination and energy, presentation center with its interesting and deep green discussions and, of course, the Children’s Centre, open to any curious child.