Арониадки 2


1. Coconut oil – 125 ml
2. Full-fat schredded coconut – 250 g
3. Honey – 250 g
4. Aronia – dried or fresh fruit taste
5. Aronia flour – 50 – 80 g
6. White sesame tahani – 50 ml
7. Finely ground oat nuts – to form the mixture

Method of preparation:
Mix all products to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
Depending on your taste, you can pre-soak in a little rum or liqueur the fruits of the Aronia. If bonbons will also be consumed by children – replace alcohol with honey syrup *. Left the ready mix for 1 hour to allow oats to absorb the moisture from other products. Small balls – candies should be formed from the finished mixture. You can roll the bonbons either in some coconut chips or in the Aronia powder.
* honey syrup – honey and water – 1: 1 parts